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Parallel connection   Connecting all the positive or all the negative poles of several batteries. This increases the capacity of a battery network while maintaining a constant voltage.
Paste   Mixtures of various compounds, (e.g. lead oxide and water, sulfuric acid) that are used to coat positive and negative lead battery grids. A distinction is made between positive and negative pastes depending on the recipe. These pastes are then transformed into positive and negative cured masses.
Plate – Negative   Cast metallic frame which contains a spongy lead active material.
Plate – Positive   Cast metallic frame which contains the lead dioxide active material.
Plug   Component with venting ducts for sealing a cell opening.
Polarity   Electrical term for describing the charge or voltage relationship between two electrodes.
Purified water   Distilled or demineralized water for compensating the water losses in batteries requiring maintenance.
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