Maintenance free-battery with labyrinth lid technology engineered with the highest quality standards. Exellent charascteristics and long term performance. Reliable within whole it's extended life cycle.

Technical information

General Info:
Article number: 60H19
Case size: L2
Performance Data: 
Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 60Ah
Cold crancing amps (A): 540
Terminal placement: - / +
Physical parameters:
Lenght (mm): 211
Widht (mm): 175
Height (mm): 190



b_100_67_16777215_electra_60H19_1.jpg b_100_67_16777215_electra_60H19_2.jpg b_100_67_16777215_electra_60H19_3.jpg b_100_67_16777215_electra_60H19_4.jpg

Ergonomic design     Extreme temperature    Flame arrestor     Heavy urban driving    Ergonomic design     Low self discharge

Maintenance free     Petrol Diesel     Recyclable     Spil and leak proof    Technology    Vibration durabilitty